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Refunds Policy


IQTEFL is developed by IQBar Limited and follows the same ethos as IQBar Limited. We take great pride in having established a culture that is built upon a set of integrated values. The purpose of the IQTEFL course is to provide teaching, guidance and encourage learning. We aim to support our trainees through the course. We are aware that there may be occasions whereby a trainee requests a refund. This policy addresses those situations.  


Refund Policy


  1. In line with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, a full refund may be available within the first fourteen (14) days after purchase. This is available where the course materials have not yet already been accessed.

  2. In order to terminate the contract within the fourteen (14) day period, trainees should email the IQTEFL Team at with details of the course bought, their name and address and any additional details relating to the refund request.

  3. Where a refund is due, the IQTEFL Team will use the original method used for payment and refunds will be paid within fourteen (14) days, subsequent to the approval of such refund.

  4. Trainees understand and accept that they may pass or fail the TEFL course and this depends on the standards reached. Refunds will not be paid merely due to a trainee failing a course.

  5. Trainees are aware of the pre-requisites to the course including the standard of English language required to complete the course. Where any course is failed due to inadequate English language proficiency, no refund will be available.

  6. Any available courses must be completed within the allocated time or a course extension must be purchased. No refund will be available for failure to complete the course within the formally provided time limit.

  7. IQTEFL reserves the right to update the course materials and assessment activities in order to reflect current practices.

  8. IQTEFL will contact any registered trainees in advance if the IQTEFL Team plans to suspend or withdraw the TEFL course at any time. If the IQTEFL Team have to suspend the course for longer than one (1) month, learners who have not yet completed more than 50% of the course will be entitled to a full refund.


IQTEFL’s Refund Policy is fully supported by the Senior Management Team of IQBar Limited and the IQTEFL Team.  

IQTEFL’s Refund Policy is monitored and reviewed annually.

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