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Continuous Professional Development Policy


IQTEFL is developed by IQBar Limited and follows the same ethos as IQBar Limited. We take great pride in having established a culture that is built upon a set of integrated values. The purpose of the IQTEFL course is to provide teaching, guidance and encourage learning. We aim to support all of our staff members with relevant CPD that meets their needs and ensure they are up to date with the latest research. 


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Policy


IQBar Limited recognises the contribution our staff make to our success. Through our staff training and development activities, we are committed to enabling staff to fully develop within their role and achieve the highest possible standards.


This CPD policy has been developed in line with our overall vision and strategy and reflects a belief in the need to develop all permanent and temporary employees and independent contractors, whether employed on a full-time or part-time basis. It is based on the principles that IQBar Limited:


  • views its workforce as an asset as well as a cost, and believes that it should invest in that asset;

  • believes that its employees and independent contractors have the potential to grow and develop, and it shall endeavour to provide opportunities for this growth;

  • shall ensure that appropriate procedures are in place to plan, deliver and evaluate its training and development activity;

  • believes that managers have a crucial role to play in staff training and development; and

  • regularly review its overall level of investment in staff training and development to ensure that adequate and appropriate resources are provided.


Induction Training


All new members of staff will receive an induction on their job role and IQBar Limited as a whole. IQBar Limited also provides health and safety induction training.


Training and Development Initiatives


IQBar Limited provides a range of training and development opportunities to staff:


  • Weekly CPD seminars on a range of teaching topics;

  • Specialist monthly CPD seminars on TEFL specific topics;

  • Access to external/internal courses that lead to CPD certification where appropriate and practical;

  • Chances to attend education conferences;

  • Safeguarding training;

  • Regular feedback and targets for all staff.


Individual Requests for Training and Development


Employees and independent contractors can request training and development at any time, however, this will usually be done within the monthly review.


Monitoring of Investment in Training and Development


We ensure that the resources invested in training and development activities are monitored and the outcomes achieved by employees and independent contractors are measured. The IQBar UK Director, or a formally appointed representative, remains responsible for this process. We use these evaluation findings for future business planning and the planning of continued investment in staff training and development.


Equal Opportunities


Decisions relating to training and development are made fairly and consistently, and equality of opportunity are provided for all staff in this area.


Data Protection


In managing an employee or independent contractor’s training and development, we process personal data collected in accordance with our internal Data Protection Policy. Data collected as part of the implementation of this CPD Policy is held securely and accessed by individuals only for the purposes of managing training and development activities.

IQTEFL’s CPD Policy is fully supported by the Senior Management Team of IQBar Limited and the IQTEFL Team.

IQTEFL’s CPD Policy is monitored and reviewed annually.

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