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Course Update Policy


IQTEFL is developed by IQBar Limited and follows the same ethos as IQBar Limited. We take great pride in having established a culture that is built upon a set of integrated values. The purpose of the IQTEFL course is to provide teaching, guidance and encourage learning. We aim to support our trainees through the course and regularly update our course and assessments to ensure they are relevant to their needs. This policy sets out how we will do this.


Course / Module and Ongoing Development


  • The IQTEFL course has been designed by experienced teachers and course developers and will undergo continuous development.

  • Initial research was conducted to interview our target group and this information was used to develop the first version of the course. As more feedback is received the course will evolve to ensure it is still meeting all formal requirements.

  • The full course was then tested and evaluated by a team of over thirty (30) highly experienced and qualified TEFL teachers and amendments were introduced based on their feedback.

  • Upon completion of the course, all trainees will be given an anonymous evaluation form to help us develop the course.

  • The Learning Management System (LMS) will be monitored by staff members to ensure it is meeting trainees needs. Any necessary changes will be made accordingly and where appropriate.

  • Assessments will be monitored and moderated by the assessment team to ensure they are rigorous but achievable.

  • Tutors and assessors will be monitored by the teaching quality team to ensure they are meeting expectations of trainees.

  • The course learning objectives and syllabus will be reviewed and updated where necessary and appropriate every six (6) months, at a minimum, to ensure they are still fit for purpose.

  • Teaching activities will be monitored and adjusted according to trainee needs. Part of this will involve monitoring how long the trainees are spending on each activity via the LMS report feature.

  • The management team will be responsible for staying up to date with the TEFL industry and will monitor new research reports to ensure the course materials are still relevant. Changes will be made when needed.


IQTEFL’s Course Update Policy is fully supported by the Senior Management Team of IQBar Limited and the IQTEFL Team.

IQTEFL’s Course Update Policy is monitored and reviewed annually.

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