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Assessment, Appeals and Feedback Policy


IQTEFL is developed by IQBar Limited and follows the same ethos. We take great pride in having established a culture that is built upon a set of integrated values. The purpose of the IQTEFL course is to provide teaching, guidance and encourage learning. We aim to support all of our trainees throughout the course. Part of the course involves assessment, which will be carried out according to the following policy. We abide by the basic principles underpinning assessment: credibility, fairness, validity, reliability and practicability.


Assessment Activities


  • Trainees will be asked to self-assess their own prior learning and English language proficiency on entry. They will also be advised of the minimum standards required to complete the course.

  • Throughout the course there are self-assessment style activities and reflection points which prepare trainees for their formal course assessment.

  • Built in assessment matches the learning objectives of the course with clear indication of how each question tests each course objective.

  • At the end of each module there is a sixty (60) minute assessment test which requires a pass mark of, at least, seventy-five percent (75%).

  • Throughout the entire course, there are four (4) written assignments. These written assignments must, at a minimum, meet the requirements of a pass mark (75%) in order to complete the entire course.

  • Trainees have a maximum of three (3) submissions per assessment to achieve the qualifying mark.

  • Assessment activities are monitored using the data reports provided for within the online Learning Management System (LMS) and will regularly be updated to ensure they are achievable and rigorous.

  • Assessment activities are readily available automatically on the LMS for trainees at the appropriate point in the course.

  • Assessment activities require active knowledge related to the learning material provided within the course in conjunction with independent learning, application and thinking.


Assessment Personnel


  • A dedicated and experienced team works on the assessment section of the course.

  • Staff undergo regular training and appraisal to ensure their assessment performance is up to internal standard.

  • The assessment manger is responsible for conducting internal audits to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of assessment activities.

  • Internal moderation will involve all assessors and be overseen by the internal moderator who is formally trained in moderation.


Assessment Data


  • Upon completion of the course, feedback will be requested from all trainees in relation to formal assessments. This data will be used to improve the quality of future assessments. All feedback is voluntary, and information is stored according to GDPR compliance and the IQBar Limited and IQTEFL GDPR Policies.

  • Using the LMS reports, data will be collected in reference to:

    • Trainee assessment results.

    • Time spent completing assessments.

    • The act of any additional data collected outside of this list will be communicated to trainees. Reasons for the collection will be provided.

  • All data is collected and stored securely and in line with our GDPR policy.

Assessment feedback


  • Trainees receive written feedback on all individual questions upon completion of the end of unit assessments.

  • Trainees receive thorough and constructive feedback to help them improve their written assignments.

  • Feedback is given with the aim of it being motivational and is positive, constructive and supportive in tone.

  • Feedback and scores recorded at the end of unit assessments are published immediately on the LMS.

  • Formal written feedback and assessment scores will be available to all trainees within seven (7) days of completing the assessment.

  • Trainees will be provided the contact details of the assessment team in order to discuss any feedback they may have if required.




  • Trainees have the right to appeal any assessment grade according to formally established processes as prescribed within this policy.

  • Appeals can be made in writing to

  • An appeal must be instituted within seven (7) calendar days of the assessment grade being published on the LMS. It remains the responsibility of the trainee to obtain their individual result and institute an appeal with clear indication and evidence as the reason the grade is being appealed.

  • Appeals will be dealt with by a senior assessor within seven (7) calendar days of receiving a written appeal via

  • Where the senior assessor agrees with the initial assessor, the published grade received shall be upheld, the appeal will be dismissed, and no further appeal will be permitted.

  • Where the senior assessor disagrees with the initial assessor, the grade may be adjusted, and the adjusted grade will count towards the trainee’s final course grade.


IQTEFL’s Assessment, Appeals and Feedback Policy is fully supported by the Senior Management Team of IQBar Limited and the IQTEFL Team. IQTEFL’s Assessment, Appeals and Feedback Policy is monitored and reviewed annually.

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